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University of Southern California is a large private school located in Los Angeles. It was founded in 1880, nearly a hundred years before the videogame industry. The Interactive Media & Games Division was added to the school’s extensive portfolio in 2001. Today, USC Games is considered one of the best in US by the Princeton Review. This was achieved thanks to the close collaboration between the faculty members of Viterbi School of Engineering’s Department of Computer Science and the Interactive Media & Games Division.


Danny Bilson

Visiting Professor of Interactive Media and Games
Chair, Interactive Media and Games Division

Danny Bilson is a writer, director and producer based in Los Angeles. After a long television and film career at Warner Brothers, Disney and Paramount, Bilson served as a senior executive at both Electronic Arts and THQ.


Tracy Fullerton

Professor of Cinematic Arts, Interactive Media & Games Division
Electronic Arts Endowed Chair, Interactive Entertainment
Director of USC Game Innovation Lab
Director of USC Games

Richard Lemarchand

Associate Professor, Interactive Media & Games Division

Mark Bolas

Professor of Cinematic Art
Director INIT Lab
Media Arts + Practice Division, Ph.D. Advisor

Success Stories

The graduates of USC literally rule in the world of interactive entertainment. One of the most famous alumni of USC is probably Jenova Chen - a very talented game developer and businessman who co-founded Thatgamecompany. The studio created three awesome meditative interactive experiences for Sony (Flow, Flower, Journey), and is currently working on a next game for Apple called Sky. Another star developer is Asher Volmer, who created Threes!, a very successful mobile title.

Among other notable alumni, we should mention:

Tom Abernathy, Writer, Halo: Reach, League of Legends, Saboteur
Kevin Bachus, Creator of X–Box
Richard Emms, OuterWorlds
Sean Kearney, Designer, Where's My Water
Stone Librande, Designer, Diablo III, League of Legends
Laird Malamed, COO, Oculus VR
Corey May, Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed
Erin Reynolds, Nevermind
Susana Ruiz, Darfur is Dying
Kellee Santiago, flOw, Flower, Co–Founder, ThatGameCompany
Josh Scherr, Cinematics Lead, Uncharted 3, Uncharted 4
Nahil Sharkasi, Kinect Star Wars
Chanel Summers, Fighter Ace, Xbox Game Systems
Dooma Wendschuh, Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed
Davey Wreden, The Stanley Parable